Thursday, June 16, 2016

Top 10 Most Important Film Movements of All Time

British New Wave
A focus on the realities of working class daily life.

Scandinavian Revival
Dark, monochrome, slow, and a little bit mystical.

Japan’s Golden Age of Cinema
Filmmakers in an unoccupied and uncensored post-WWII Japan unleashed all of their creativity at once.

New Queer Cinema
Embracing gender and sexuality as socially constructed objects.

Third Cinema
Staunchly anti-colonial in countries of the third world.

Stories, shot on location, filled with lower class non-actors struggling to go about their normal lives in the the shadow of the war.

German Expressionism
Shadowy movies with exaggerated design as a rejection of reality.

Soviet Montage
Focus on cutting because that’s what separates film from other art forms.

The Golden Age of Hollywood
As the rest of the world dealt with war the American film market thrived and benefitted from refugee filmmakers who had come to the US to escape the turmoil.

Nouvelle Vague
Filmmaking as art by auteurs, not pandering to viewers or made solely for profit.

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