Sunday, June 12, 2016

Top 10 Most Influential Directors of All Time

Technological Innovation - The Lumiere Brothers
It doesn’t get much more innovative then 2 of the guys who invented filmmaking.

Minority Filmmaking - Spike Lee
He tackles race issues without fear.

Creating the Epic - Steven Spielberg
Summers have never been quite the same since Spielberg made going to the movies feel like an event.

The Spielberg Oner
Bringing Foreign Film to the World - Akira Kurosawa
Using film to successfully blend traditional Samurai stories and Japanese film with the American Western.

Akira Kurosawa - Composing Movement
Innovations in Film Theorie & Technique - Sergei Eisenstein
The man who really defined montage in film.

Independent Cinema - Jean Luc Godard
His indie films break all the rules and make us think differently about how we see film.

Perfecting Technique - Alfred Hitchcock
He used his deep understanding of his audience to manipulate them at every turn.

Inspiring Generations pt1 - Orson Welles
Took all the best parts of film and meshed them together with an unmatched brilliance.

Inspiring Generations pt 2 - John Ford
He’s a man who influenced the influencers with his filmmaking.

Early Film Pioneer - DW Griffith
He is why people realized you could use film to tell a whole story.

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